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If you want to be more self-sufficient, we are the site for you! If you want to learn to "do it yourself" we host local workshops at a reasonable price. From learning how to make homemade apple cider to spinning yarn, from bullet making to using short wave radios, we have instructors who live what they teach and are ready to pass on what they know. We are family friendly—children are always invited to learn in our workshops.

volcanoAmerican Legion Raffle
Support local rural community emergency preparedness efforts and help yourself and have some FUN along the way.   

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1st Prize:"Mt House 3-day/20 serving Emergency Food Kit!"
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2nd Prize: 2 tickets to Post 122 "Adult-Only Zombies Night Out Halloween Party!" (10/28/17)
Value: priceless in helping others & $35.00

3rd Prize: 2 tickets to Post 122 " 2nd Sunday of every month Legion Breakfast!"
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Hero's Challenge

Join us this 4th of July for "The Heroes' Challenge". Bike, Run, or Walk in the dawn's early light

100% of EVERY DOLLAR raised goes to support our local military and their families in times of need.  
Go to www.BackaHero.Today, set up a fundraiser Pledge page, register to Bike, Run, or Walk AND invite everyone you know to do the same and join us on this Independence Day!

*Coming Summer 2017*





You'll find many tried and true products that you can buy directly from us or BROWSE through businesses we recommend. Everything from storable food, first aid and emergency equipment to firearms, tools and communication devices.


Finding new recipes is fun. Trying them with products you can trust is even better. Here are some recipes that are nutritious and delicious. 

Our latest recipe:
Homemade Cornbread

I like to be wise with my resources and I want the best quality for the time and money I invest... We will give our reviews of products we like and trust.

Our latest review:
.22LR AR15 Uppers




Soon we will have a gallery of photos of all the wonderful events and workshops that we attend. If you have any photos from an event or when you return home to utilize what you have learned, please share! We'll put them on. 

"The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets."

Proverbs 21:20, TLB