Why Have Food Stored?

on Thursday, 19 September 2013. Posted in Recipes

Before beginning a personal food store, ask yourself, “WHY bother?” Using some of the ideas below you may find the reason for starting now...using the foods now and preparing for future use as well. You probably have purchased rental, car, life, health, flood, earthquake, home, &/or appliances insurance… but, are you prepared with food insurance by stocking your own food store? Below is a list of possible reasons for you to start preparing and building your food insurance store. You may need food for: • Baby Foods • Backpacking/ Hiking • Road Closures • Camping/RVing • Convenient Meals • Crop Failures • Daily Use • Easy Preparation • Economic Crisis • Emergency Preparedness • Employment Layoffs • Food Insurance • Hunting/Fishing Trips • Independent Senior Citizens/College Student meals • Inflation Busting • Kids Snacks/School Lunches • Limited Food Supplies • Long Term Storage • National Disasters • Nutritional Supplementation • Supplementary Foods to current cooking • Tailgating Parties • Terrorism Threats (i.e. Boston, 911) • Unexpected Guests and Quick Meals • Weather closures. Remember, stores only carry about a 3-day supply of foods. Think about this: empty shelves, no electricity to run cash machines, no cash in your pockets, may mean no food purchases during times of need. If you would like a demonstration on using the ThriveLife foods you can contact me: Diane Hamilton C) 509-310-9069; H) 509-427-7042. If you are ready to start ordering food for your family’s pantry, please use the “The Mercantile” tab on this website. Thanks (GorgePrep.com gets a small commission and you get the same great price!)

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