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72-hour Bags? The Who, What, Where, When & Why

FEMA reminds us to: “Make a Plan, Build a Kit, & Get Involved.” Do you have a plan for “Getting Home?”

The weather is getting wetter, colder, and darker. Being comfortable outdoors is requiring more effort, than just walking from inside to outside. Now when I leave the house I really need to take into account what might happen while I am gone. Rain, snow, wind, deep mud puddles and small rivers. Am I ready to brave the elements between house and car? Work and car? Store and car? Am I prepared to walk home if my car breaks down or a natural disaster stops my journey home?

Then there’s my family. My husband works about 45 miles away, almost half of that on a long and very narrow 2-lane road. In his hour-plus long commute he crosses 7 bridges. His “job” keeps him gone about 12-hours a day. Even my children’s commute on the school bus is almost 20 miles and takes about 90 minutes each way and again encompasses a number of bridges. Their school day “job” keeps them away almost 10-hours a day. 5-days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day my loved ones are “a very long way” away from home. If something “big” happens do they have the knowledge, tools, and skills to get home?

This is my family were talking about… I’m really “committed” in wanting them all to get home. The hard part is making a “workable ‘Get Home’ plan that includes possible contingencies,” and at the same time get my husband and teens to “carry small, lightweight, “Get Home kits!”

You can build your own 3-day, 72 hour emergency preparedness kits or buy prep-made ones. For the entire month of November, all of the 3 day-72-Hour Emergency Prep kits are on sale for up to 50% off. To order yours, please go to GorgePrep’s Mercantile and click the link to “Emergency Essentials.”

Does each of your loved ones have a “Get Home Kit?” In a crisis, having your loved ones safe and together is critical. This Christmas everyone on my list is getting a 72-hour bag from Emergency Essentials, and I’ll keep working on my A-B-C contingency plans for getting each of them home.